About me

I am a Product Designer with focus on Interaction Design  and User Research. I have 7 years of experience and an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction from University College London.

In my work, I strive to design solutions elegantly balanced  between user and business need. I have a special interest in the effect of the connection between physical and digital world on human behaviour.

During my career, I had the pleasure to work in agencies, startups and in-house and collaborate with brands such as Apple, Sony Mobile, Yamaha, BMW, and Maersk.

My work has been shortlisted for awards, published in academic journals and presented in conferences around Europe.

More on Linkedin or you can download my CV.

Skills / Tools

Product Design / UX Design
Information Architecture; Wireframing; User flows; Prototyping.

User Research
Interview; Card Sorting; Tree testing; Survey; Usability Testing; Ethnography.

Google Venture Design Sprints; Experience Mapping; Personas.

Tech Tools & Coding
Sketch; Invision; Principle; Google Slides; familiarity with HTML + CSS, Arduino and MAX-MSP.

Music & Cycling

I love playing guitar and making music. And, as a late bloomer (I started playing when I was 28!), I have a lot to catch up and practice. Last year I published an album with The Dark Joy, and this year I plan a solo. Stay tuned. 

Another big thing for me is cycling. I jump on my bicyle anytime I can. I go on long rides in the nature either alone or with my cycling buddies. It's meditative and it keeps me fit!


“I like design to be semantically correct, syntactically consistent, and pragmatically understandable. I like it to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all timeless.”

Massimo Vignelli

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Enrico Furfaro | 2020
Crafted in Berlin during winter nights fueled by warm tea and candlelight